About me, a short potted history.

Adrian Holmes

Adrian Holmes

Artist and Graphic Designer

I grew up in England and was lucky to be blessed with a passion for drawing and painting from a very early age. My gift was recognized and, by the time I was thirteen I was taking life painting and drawing courses at Ealing Art School.

After schooling, I worked in advertising and graphic design in London, all the while painting in my spare time. In the mid 1970s, I came to New York where he continued to work as a graphic designer. In 1978 along with other designers formed the graphic design firm “The Mouse that Roared, Inc.”.

Ten years later I joined Projects In Knowledge, Inc. as design director.

I was elected into the New Jersey Watercolor Society in 2009.

My studies have included workshops and courses at Art Students League with, among others, Mario Cooper, AWS, and Dale Myers, AWS. At the Montclair Art Museum (now the Yard School of Art) with Edwin Havass, ASW. At the Ridgewood Art Institute with Joel Popadics, ASW. Also, week long workshops with Lian Quan Zhen author of the book “Painting Chinese Watercolors”.

In the summer of 2013 I moved to Richmond Massachusetts to follow my passion of exploring the visual arts.