Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell your work?

Yes, I sell both Giclee prints and postcards of my work

Hancock Shaker Village shop ( sells my watercolor painting the “Shaker Round Barn”

Back Alley Gift Shop, Bradenton Beach, FL  ( sells both postcards and Giclee prints of  my watercolors “Breeze over the Pier” and “Bridge Street”.

How do you price your work?

Graphic Design; projects I am competitive and structure my fee’s in accordance to the stands and practices of the  Graphic Arts Guild ( and use their Pricing & Ethical Guidelines for reference.

Watercolor; Original  paintings 14 x 11 inches (28 x 36 cm) with a white mat — $350.
Giclee print; same size as the original — $125.

Commissions; are negotiable and depend on size, complexity and work involved. I will try my best to work with your budget.


Do you take commissions?

Yes, I happy to discuss commissions for either graphic design projects or portraits both human or animal. Also, architectural both interior, exterior and landscape.

To discuss a project please contact me by phone at (973) 868-1433 or by email

Can you work from photos?

I would prefer to work from life but I do understand that is not always possible. That said, I would prefer to take the photo myself but if that is not possible I would be happy to try to work from an existing photo.