Philosophy of Painting

My passion is painting representational watercolors. My paintings could be referred to as impressionistic which, does fairly describe my work. I have had the benefit of observing the masters of impressionism. I believe I fall into the simple reportage style of John Singer Sargent (American, 1856 – 1925) who in his many watercolors, reported what he saw with elegance and élan. It’s obvious that Mr. Sargent used watercolor painting as a relief from the riggers of painting society portraits. One quick glance at a Sargent watercolor and you are immediately aware that the artist having fun and rejuvenating his spirit. It is my simple hope that my work can convey the same energy and spirit.

My influence lies in my good fortune to have studied with Lian Quan Zhen the Chinese watercolorist and author. It is the simple expressive classic Chinese brush stroke that forms the backbone of my work. My philosophy is one brush stroke says a hundred words Therefore, a painting, of a hundred strokes will say a thousand words. Like Haiku I strive to say more with less.

My technique is like a Chinese artist using a very narrow palette. However, my palette is made up of traditional English watercolors.   Color is a secondary consideration and a reflection of the scene I am painting. It is the interest and detail in the brush stroke and the tonal value in the colors that bring harmony to the work